At Plum Creek Percherons we pay attention to the disposition and confirmation of our horses. 

Over twenty years of careful attention to selection of sires and mares have gone into our breeding program.  We have had many champions at county and state fairs throughout the midwest.  A purchase of a Plum Creek mare or stallion is an investment in your breeding program.  We have horses of all ages and sexes for sale.



Plum Creek Percherons have been breeding Percheron Horses for twenty years.  We are a family farm operation located in Northwest Illinois, just one hour west of Rockford, Illinois. We have been actively hitching and showing our horses since 2000.  David Brown and his wife Renee can answer any questions you may have about these gentle giants.  David Brown currently sits as a Director on the Percheron Horse Association of America and is ready to help you with any questions you may have about owning or registering a Percheron Horse.

Breeding & Showing Percheron  horses.